Residential Solar Solutions

Tired of the sense of unease every quarter when you’re expecting your electricity bill? With the ever rising cost of living, Australians all over the country are seeking, not only more reliable, clean and green sources of energy, but more cost effective energy too.

Investing in solar energy in your home is an investment in a better lifestyle and a healthier planet. The sun gives off 10,000 times the energy annually that Australians consume in that same period. We’re not called the Sunburnt Country for nothing: it only makes sense to harness this safe, reliable and renewable energy source that us lucky Aussies have access to all year round.

You may have already done your own research into Solar Panel Installations, but if you have more questions or want to speak with a real person, we have the answers and a friendly, solar-obsessed team who are more than happy to help you.

Here at Arkana Energy, we understand that installing Solar is a big investment, we also understand that this is your home that we will be working on. For this reason, we only choose trusted Clean Energy Council accredited installers and professionals to work on your solar installation. We also take the time to ensure that all installations are planned and customised to suit your home for maximum sunlight exposure, safety and aesthetics.  

Our experience in Solar Installations stretches out to more than 5,000 happy customers! We offer solutions for:

  • Off Grid Solar
  • Hybrid Battery Systems
  • Backup Generators
  • Partial Panel + Grid Systems
  • Full Solar Panel Energy Conversion
  • Panel Systems for both large and small residences
  • Round the clock service and helplines

So for personalised Solar Solutions for your home that: dramatically reduce your electricity bills; provide insurance for the inevitable spike in fossil fuel costs; give you independence from the big energy companies and possibly even increase the future re-sale value of your home, click below to claim your free consultation!