Own your own virtual power plant


Sell your excess solar power to your neighbours. Charge your solar battery for free so you can power your home when the sun goes down.


Maintain power – up to 3000 watts – during a blackout keeping critical appliances running without disruption.


Turn your power bill into a paycheck

If you have solar and a solar battery (don’t worry if you don’t have one yet, we can help), you can access the Arkana Energy Virtual Power Plant (VPP) and benefit from selling your excess solar power during peak demand times – turning your power bill into a paycheck.

As electricity demands increase, power shortages are created and grid stability is compromised. That’s where your Virtual Power Plant comes in. By allowing our innovative software to access your solar battery, we’re able to trade your excess solar power, selling it back into the grid for money – at up to 20x more than what you buy power for from your energy retailer.



The world’s first innovative VPP technology: your solar system, battery and a cloud-based software makes for a simple installation with no extra hardware required


Powered by the solar system and stored in your home battery. DE’s smart algorithms determine the optimal time to sell the stored energy back to the grid at premium prices.


With a strong focus on renewable power, Discover Energy will help your home be more efficient towards reducing your carbon footprint.

Get free power to use when the sun goes down

Sometimes, usually during the middle of the day and in negative event market conditions, your battery is able to be recharged for free. If negative power prices are detected on the energy market, our intelligent software automatically starts charging your battery at no cost. Filling your battery with power that you can use when the sun goes down or in the event of a power outage.


Exclusive 45c Feed In Tariff

Most energy retailers offer a low feed in tariff for exported power, sometimes feed-in tariffs are as low as 1c/kWh. Using the Arkana Energy Virtual Power Plant, your excess solar is paid out at up to 45c/kWh.

This is paid in addition to those highly profitable events where we sell the energy from your battery on your behalf.

Which  scenario best describes you?

You already have a battery

Already have a solar battery installed? Great news! Provided your battery is one of the brands listed on our approved battery list, simply connect your existing battery to our Virtual Power Plant (VPP) and you’re good to go.

You have solar but no battery

Easy! We can install an approved battery that connects to your existing solar. Once you have your new battery installed we’ll connect it to our Virtual Power Plant (VPP) and you’re good to go.

You don’t have solar or a battery

You’re in good hands. We will help you find a battery and solar solution to suit your needs and connect it to our Virtual Power Plant (VPP) – best of all you can use generous government incentives to help you go solar for no upfront costs.

What’s a Virtual Power Plant, or VPP?

A virtual power plant or VPP, is a network of solar batteries, installed in homes and businesses, that can be coordinated and managed like a traditional power plant.
Together, the network of solar batteries can be used to stabilise the electricity grid, power neighbouring homes and reduce reliance on traditional coal power.
Virtual Power Plants enable more affordable and sustainable energy – and provide an opportunity for you to make money trading your excess power on the open market.

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Our most commonly asked Virtual Power Plant questions

What are the benefits of a VPP?


How much can I earn?


How can I get involved?


What hardware do I need to participate in a VPP?

Solar + battery. Plus cloud based, artificial intelligent software 

How is my energy traded?

Talk about software, we take of it

Take a look at our blog Your Guide To Energy Storage to learn more about solar battery storage. 

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