Grid Connection Application & Approval

Grid Connection Application & Approval

While many are familiar with their electricity retailer, the role of the electricity distributor is less commonly understood. Yet, they play a significant part in your journey to solar energy. Distributors assess and approve your solar system’s compatibility with the local electricity grid, enabling you to harness solar power effectively.

The Role of Electricity Distributors

Electricity distributors own and maintain the infrastructure that delivers electricity from power stations to your property. Australia has a range of distributors, varying by state and even within different regions of the same state. They are responsible for ensuring that the electricity grid can accommodate new connections, including solar panel systems.

Across each state in Australia there are a number of electricity distributors, including:

  • Queensland: Energex (SE QLD), Ergon Energy (Regional QLD)
  • New South Wales: Endeavour Energy (Southwest of Sydney), Ausgrid (Northern Sydney, Central Coast, Hunter Valley), Essential Energy (Regional NSW)
  • Victoria: CitiPower (Melbourne CBD), Powercor (Western Victoria), Jemena (Western inner Melbourne), AusNet (Eastern Victoria), United Energy (South-east Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula)

Distributor-Specific Rules and Guidelines

Each energy distributor may have their own set of rules and guidelines that can affect your grid connection application.

These could include limitations on the size of the solar PV system you can install, feed-in or export limits to the grid, and additional safety requirements. For instance, some distributors may cap the system size to a certain kilowatt rating or set maximum export limits to manage grid stability.

These rules can vary from one distributor to another and even within different regions of the same state. Understanding these rules is crucial, as they directly impact the type of solar PV system you can install and how you can interact with the grid.

Arkana Energy designs our solar solutions with these requirements in mind ensuring they aligns with your local distributor’s guidelines, making the application process smoother.

How a Grid Connection Application Works

Submitting a grid connection application enables your energy distributor, such as Energex, Ausgrid or Endeavour Energy, to assess if their network can accommodate your solar panel system. Upon a successful assessment, your solar installer is given the green light to proceed with the installation. In general the process is:

  • Preparation: Arkana Energy tailors a solar solution for your needs, which includes determining the system’s compatibility with the local grid.
  • Submission: We handle the application process on your behalf, submitting all required documents to your energy distributor, be it Ausgrid, Endeavour Energy or another provider.
  • Assessment: The distributor will evaluate whether their grid can support your solar PV system, based on your application.
  • Approval: Once the assessment is complete, your distributor will grant permission for the installation to go ahead.


The application and approval process can take up to 30 days, subject to the distributor’s own timelines.

Post-Approval Steps

After receiving approval, you might need to install a new digital meter to measure the solar power you export back to the grid. This setup is organised in collaboration with your electricity retailer. Arkana Energy offers assistance with this step as well, ensuring that you have a seamless experience from start to finish.


Understanding and navigating the grid connection application can be complex, but choosing Arkana Energy as your solar solutions provider makes it straightforward and hassle-free. Our extensive experience and customer-first approach guarantee a smooth journey towards sustainable, cost-effective energy for your property.

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