Applying for the Solar Victoria Rebate

Applying for the Solar Victoria Rebate

Solar Victoria offer Victorian homeowners solar rebates and low-interest loans.

To be eligible – homeowners need to complete a rebate and loan (if applicable) application with Solar Victoria.

Arkana Energy (or your solar provider) will add you to the Solar Victoria Portal system, and you will then receive an email from Solar Victoria asking you to apply now.

Applying online via the Solar Victoria Portal is a 3-step process and will take you approximately 22 minutes to complete. You can save your progress along the way. Once you commence your application you have 14 days to complete and submit it.

Before you start the application ensure you have the required documents (outlined below in step 1) on hand to confirm your eligibility.

How the application process works

Step-by-step, how to work

To apply, follow these steps:

Step 1: Required Documents

Documents required for owner occupier:

  1. Council Rates Notice* for the property installing the solar and/or battery solution
  2. Proof of Income for each person named on the council rates notice.
  3. Notice of Assessment from either of the last two financial years
  4. Two forms of identity from the below list “Proof of Identity”

💡 TIP: The proof of income must be from the same financial year for each person named on the council rates notice. A Notice of Assessment is required if you are an “employee” for tax purposes.

Documents required for landlords:

  1. A copy of your completed and signed Landlord Tenant Agreement
  2. Council Rates Notice* for the rental property installing the solar and/or battery solution
  3. Two forms of identity from the below list “Proof of Identity”

💡 TIP:  You will need to upload digital copies of your Council Rates Notice and/or Income Documentation.  Before you start your application ensure you have a clear copy, portrait orientation saved on your computer or device.

Proof of Identity documents:

You will need to provide proof of identity, income and property ownership when you apply via the Solar Victoria Portal.

You will need to enter the details from any 2 forms of ID. These can be a:

  • Driver’s licence or a learner permit
  • Medicare card
  • Australian passport
  • Australian birth certificate
  • Australian citizenship certificate
  • Foreign passport. This should be a foreign passport with a valid Australian Visa.
  • Immicard

You’ll need to make sure the names on both documents are the same.

Here you will find more information of documentation required to prove your identity.  Be sure that you have your paperwork handy when you’re ready to apply.

Step 2: Starting Your Application

You will soon receive your application email from Solar Victoria with instructions to commence your application.  Use the below credentials to get started:

  • Solar Retailer Name: Arkana Energy
  • Reference Number: FirstName Last Name
  • Total Quote Amount: The full retail price* (sent to you from Arkana via email)

Total payable amount will be equal to the ‘total quote amount’ minus the ‘Vic rebate amount’.

* IMPORTANT: when entering the ‘Total Quote Amount’ in the Solar Victoria Portal, please do so as a continuous number without symbols or commas or decimal points i.e. $10,456 should be input as follows: 10456. No need to add cents as well, just the rounded $ amount.

Step 3: Finalising Your Application

Throughout the application process, Solar Victoria may request more information from you.  To ensure timely approval of your rebate we ask that you respond to any request(s) within five days.

In most cases, you will receive approval of your rebate within five business days of application.  Approval will be confirmed via email from Solar Victoria. 

Once you have received your rebate approval email from Solar Victoria your installation can commence.


If you are an Arkana Energy customer and have any questions or we can assist in any way please get in touch with our team.