Finance & Rebates

  • The Queenslanders Government Battery Booster rebate is a $3,000 rebate (increased to $4,000 for low income applicants) to help homeowners buy and install a home battery energy storage system to use with new or existing rooftop solar systems. Eligibility Requirements To be eligible for the battery booster rebate you must meet these criteria: Income: The […]

  • The New South Wales Government Battery & VPP rebate is a $2,800 rebate to help home and commercial property owners buy and install a battery storage system to use with new or existing rooftop solar systems ($2,400 rebate) and to join an approved VPP / Virtual Power Plant ($400 rebate). It’s part of their Peak […]

  • Solar Victoria offer Victorian homeowners solar rebates and low-interest loans. To be eligible – homeowners need to complete a rebate and loan (if applicable) application with Solar Victoria. Arkana Energy (or your solar provider) will add you to the Solar Victoria Portal system, and you will then receive an email from Solar Victoria asking you […]

  • Victoria’s Solar Homes program is a targeted initiative run by the Victorian State Government to accelerate the adoption of solar energy among homeowners. The program provides financial incentives in the form of rebates or interest free loans for installing solar panels, solar hot water systems, solar inverters, and home batteries. These incentives aim to lower […]

  • Solar energy is an excellent investment for your home or business, offering a cleaner and more sustainable power source. However, the initial installation cost can sometimes be a hurdle. If you’re facing this challenge, you’re not alone, and that’s where solar financing options come into play. This article aims to break down how solar financing […]

  • The Federal Government has introduced various initiatives to promote the adoption of renewable energy sources, particularly solar energy. The primary goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make Australia more energy independent. Solar power not only alleviates the burden on the grid but also offers economic benefits to homeowners and businesses. The “Solar Rebate” […]