• A Certificate of Compliance (COC) is an essential legal document that validates the safety, quality, and regulatory compliance of your solar panel installation. Issued by a licensed and accredited electrician, the COC is your definitive proof that the installed system meets all Australian electrical safety standards and regulations. After your installation is completed, this step […]

  • If you’re considering a transition to solar energy, it’s essential to grasp not only the hardware involved but also the administrative steps. One critical administrative requirement for Australian homeowners and business owners is the Electrical Work Request (EWR). This article will shed light on the significance of EWR in solar installations, what it entails, and […]

  • When considering a switch to solar energy, there are various factors to weigh, from financial considerations to choosing the right system for your needs. For those living in a strata scheme or property with shared common areas, gaining body corporate approval is an additional, crucial step in the journey. When Is Body Corporate/Strata Approval Required? […]

  • While many are familiar with their electricity retailer, the role of the electricity distributor is less commonly understood. Yet, they play a significant part in your journey to solar energy. Distributors assess and approve your solar system’s compatibility with the local electricity grid, enabling you to harness solar power effectively. The Role of Electricity Distributors […]