Body corporate / Strata approval for solar

Body corporate / Strata approval for solar

When considering a switch to solar energy, there are various factors to weigh, from financial considerations to choosing the right system for your needs. For those living in a strata scheme or property with shared common areas, gaining body corporate approval is an additional, crucial step in the journey.

When Is Body Corporate/Strata Approval Required?

Installing solar panels in a strata scheme or property with shared common areas generally necessitates obtaining approval from your body corporate. The approval process ensures that your solar system aligns with building regulations and avoids adverse impacts on communal spaces or other residents. Gaining this approval can also provide additional community benefits, such as reducing electricity costs in common areas.

However, in certain rare circumstances, you may not need body corporate approval. This can happen if your solar installation is entirely within your own property boundaries and doesn’t affect any shared spaces or facilities. Despite the rarity of such scenarios in strata schemes, it’s important to consult your body corporate to ascertain whether you fall into this category, avoiding any potential legal hurdles.

Standard Approval Process

Although every body corporate or strata has different processes, generally to approve solar they follow these steps:

  1. Initial Proposal: Begin by submitting a detailed proposal to your body corporate. This document should encompass specifics such as the proposed location of the solar panels, the installation process, potential impact on common areas, and any communal benefits like reduced electricity costs.
  2. Review by Committee: The proposal typically undergoes review by the body corporate’s committee, who evaluate the plan in line with the strata scheme’s by-laws.
  3. Committee Meeting or Special Resolution: The type of approval required may vary depending on your strata scheme’s by-laws. It could range from a simple majority vote during a committee meeting to a special resolution vote at a general meeting involving the entire owners corporation.

How Arkana Energy Can Simplify the Process

Navigating the body corporate approval process for your solar installation is easier with Arkana Energy’s expertise.

We provide a one-stop solution, from offering complete documentation like system specifications and impact assessments to designing personalised solar systems that align with your energy usage, roof position, and financial goals. These customisations not only make your application more compelling but also ensure it aligns with the body corporate’s requirements.

Plus, our Australian customer support team is at your service throughout the journey, ensuring you have all the guidance you need to secure approval.


Securing body corporate approval is a crucial but manageable step when installing solar systems in strata schemes or properties with shared common areas. Knowledge of your specific strata by-laws and approval processes empowers you to navigate this requirement with confidence. And when you choose Arkana Energy as your partner in this journey, you’ll find that shifting to a greener, more economical energy source becomes not just possible, but also straightforward and hassle-free.

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