Downloading your inverter app

Downloading your inverter app

If you want to stay on top of your solar energy production, consider downloading the monitoring app for the brand of inverter you have. These apps allow you to easily monitor and manage your solar system from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet. Though optional, these apps are an excellent way to make the most of your solar investment.

If you haven’t had your solar installed yet, download your inverter’s monitoring app beforehand. Inform our Arkana installer upon arrival so they can get you setup to easily start tracking your system’s performance.

If you’ve already had your solar installed and the installers are no longer there, after downloading your app you’ll need to manually connect it to your inverter. Typically, this involves entering your home’s WiFi details into the app and following on-screen instructions to pair it with your inverter. See this guide to connect to your inverter wifi. Once connected, you can start monitoring your solar system’s performance right away.

Download your app here:

Sungrow iSolarCloud

Sungrow iSolarCloud offers you real-time performance data and system alerts. With an easy-to-navigate interface, you can monitor the production and consumption of your solar system on the go.

(If download links are not working, search your app store for “iSolarCloud”)

Once downloaded, check out this guide on how to use iSolarCloud.

Fronius Solar Web App

Fronius Solar Web App is a reliable option for comprehensive solar system monitoring. This app provides detailed analysis, including energy yields and CO2 savings.


Goodwe Sems Portal

Goodwe Sems Portal is designed to offer an intuitive user experience. It gives you an overview of your solar system’s production, consumption, and feed-in to the grid.


Whether you’re preparing for an upcoming installation or have already had your solar system installed, monitoring apps for your specific inverter brand offer an excellent way to track your energy production and consumption. Download the app before your Arkana installer arrives to enable immediate setup, or, if your system is already in place, follow our inverter Wi-Fi connection guide for post-installation setup. Just ensure you have your WiFi password ready for a quick and seamless connection, allowing you to efficiently monitor your solar system’s performance.