Regular Solar Maintenance

Regular Solar Maintenance

At Arkana Energy, we not only help you transition to clean and efficient solar energy, but we also believe in ensuring that your solar system performs at its best for years to come.

Arkana Energy recommends that you maintain your system on a regular basis – at least once per year. We also recommend a full solar assessment every five years.

While Arkana Energy does not offer yearly maintenance services of solar panel systems, here are some general tips you may wish to consider in regards to maintenance.

Why is Solar Panel System Maintenance Crucial?

Your solar panel system is an investment in both your financial and environmental future. Just like any investment, it needs care and upkeep. Regular maintenance ensures that your system operates safely and efficiently.

Factors like dust and debris, water seepage, pests, and even weather conditions like hail and wind can affect your solar panel system’s performance. Routine checks and servicing mean you can rest easy knowing your solar panel system is safe and that you’re making the most out of your energy savings.

Think of it like running a car: consistent servicing keeps it in tip-top shape for the long haul.

How Often Should You Maintain Your Solar Panel System?

Regular maintenance is key. Always adhere to the schedule provided by your solar retailer or installer, which in most cases is us! If you haven’t received this information, feel free to reach out to our Australian customer support team.

Remember to keep all the paperwork related to your installation; some issues you encounter may be covered by warranties.

Who Can Perform the Maintenance?

Solar panel systems may appear simple but they’re complex electrical installations. Turning them ‘off’ doesn’t remove the electrical risks. Furthermore, many systems are roof-mounted, adding another layer of potential hazards.

For these reasons, only licensed electricians or Clean Energy Council-accredited solar panel system installers should perform maintenance.

What Does Solar Panel Maintenance Involve?

Proper maintenance of your solar panel system is more than just a quick clean.

Here’s a general list of what should be checked:

  • Solar panels are clean, secure, and defect-free.
  • No parts have deteriorated or corroded.
  • Vents are clear of debris.
  • Switches function properly without defects.
  • Wiring is intact and hasn’t deteriorated.
  • Electrical components operate as intended.
  • Fittings and cables are securely attached.
  • The inverter display panel doesn’t show recorded faults.
  • Access to isolator switches is unobstructed.
  • Emergency procedures for shutdown and isolation are clearly displayed.

Some More Info

Some more in-depth guides to common maintenance issues:

  • Cleaning your solar panels: A dirty solar panel can lose between 15-25% of its efficiency, impacting both power output and electricity costs. To maximize their lifespan and efficiency, regular cleaning is essential. Find out more here.
  • Monitoring & solving shading issues: To ensure your solar system operates at peak efficiency you should monitor for shading and regularly trim trees and shrubs. Find out more here.
  • Pests and birds: Regular care and maintenance along with some clever protection applied to parts of your solar installation can minimise the chances of issues from pests and birds. Find out more here.


Ensuring that these aspects are taken care of will allow you to continue enjoying the benefits of your solar panel system, including those great energy bill savings!