How to choose a solar friendly energy provider

How to choose a solar friendly energy provider

As solar technology becomes increasingly popular among Australian homeowners, understanding how to maximise the benefits of your solar installation is essential. A crucial factor that many often overlook is the role of energy retailers. By selecting the right energy provider, you can significantly boost the returns on your solar investment. Let’s dive into the details.

1. Feed-in Tariffs: Know Your Rates

Feed-in tariffs are the rates that energy retailers pay you for the excess solar power that you feed back into the grid. This can be a major source of savings and even potential income.

Different retailers offer different feed-in tariffs. By choosing a retailer that offers a generous tariff, you can ensure you’re getting the best return for the energy you generate.

  • Tip for homeowners: Regularly review and compare feed-in tariff rates among various retailers, especially when your contract is up for renewal. Arkana Energy tailors solar solutions based on various factors, ensuring you get the maximum benefit from feed-in tariffs.

2. Peak and Off-Peak Charges

Your energy usage during peak and off-peak times can influence your energy bill. Some retailers offer reduced rates during off-peak hours, which can sync well with solar storage solutions.

If you have a battery storage system, you can store solar energy during the day and use it during peak times, avoiding higher charges.

  • Tip for homeowners: Analyse your household’s energy consumption patterns. If most of your usage is during off-peak hours, find a retailer that offers competitive off-peak rates.

3. Daily Fixed Charges and Solar Returns

Fixed daily charges are what you pay regardless of your energy consumption. Some retailers have low power user charges, which can impact homes with solar.

If you’re generating a significant amount of your energy from solar, a high daily fixed charge can offset your savings.

  • Tip for homeowners: Look for retailers with low or no daily fixed charges, especially if you’re a low power user. This can enhance your solar savings.

4. Deals, Promos, and More!

Energy retailers frequently present tempting offers, such as a daily free hour of power, cashbacks, or inviting referral schemes.

While these offers can catch the eye, it’s crucial to delve into the details. Sometimes, an enticing promotion might come with strings attached that could influence your energy bills in the long run.

Advice for Homeowners: Don’t just look at the immediate perks. Instead, weigh the overall savings of a promotional deal against other factors, like a sustained higher feed-in tariff. Sometimes, consistent, long-term benefits might outshine a fleeting promo.

5. Understanding Solar Export Limits:

Some energy providers may have export limits, which can cap the amount of solar energy you can feed back into the grid.

Export limits can restrict the financial benefits you gain from feed-in tariffs, especially if you generate a large amount of excess solar energy.

  • Tip for homeowners: Check if potential retailers have export limits and, if they do, how they might impact your specific solar setup and potential savings.

6. Flexible Payment Options:

Retailers might offer various billing and payment methods that align with your financial preferences.

Flexible payment options can make managing your energy bills more convenient and can complement the financial advantages of your solar installation.

  • Tip for homeowners: Seek retailers that offer monthly billing or direct debit options. Some might even offer discounts for prompt or online payments.

7. Customer Support and Solar Expertise:

A solar-friendly provider should also have knowledgeable customer support that can address solar-related queries effectively.

As you navigate the world of solar energy, having a responsive and informed customer support team can make all the difference.

  • Tip for homeowners: Look for reviews or testimonials related to a retailer’s customer service, especially concerning solar-related issues. At Arkana Energy, for instance, we ensure homeowners get the utmost support during and after their solar system installation.

8. Green Energy Initiatives:

Some retailers take an active role in promoting sustainable practices beyond solar, such as wind or hydro energy.

Supporting a provider that champions broader green initiatives can further reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Tip for homeowners: Consider providers that invest in various renewable energy sources or offer green energy plans, aligning with a holistic approach to sustainability.

In Conclusion

Choosing a solar-friendly energy provider is an empowering move towards fully harnessing the benefits of your solar installation. By diving deep into aspects like feed-in tariffs, peak and off-peak charges, daily fixed charges, promotional deals, solar export limits, payment options, dedicated customer support, and green energy initiatives, Australian homeowners can be well-equipped to optimise their solar investments. With the right knowledge and the right provider, the sun’s potential is truly within reach for every Australian household. Remember, Arkana Energy is always at your side, guiding you every step of the way.