Start up / Turn on procedure for Fronius inverter

Start up / Turn on procedure for Fronius inverter

Once your energy retailer has attended and completed your solar smart meter upgrade they may leave your inverter switched off. Please check this after they have been.

Your energy retailer will advise you after they have connected your meter that is safe to turn on your solar system.

Step 1 – Turn AC off

IMPORTANT: Firstly, take a look at the AC switch inside the switchboard – labelled
Solar Supply Main Switch. Please make sure it is in the DOWN/OFF position before
you start the steps below.

Step 2 – Turn DC on

Start by switching the DC isolator on first – As you have a Fronius, the DC isolator is built in – it is found under the inverter, turn this to the ON/Operating position.

Step 3 – Turn AC on

Turn the AC switch (solar supply main switch) to the UP/ON position, and then wait. All inverters take at least one minute to restart, and you may see the lights flashing while the inverter does internal testing. There will also be a variety of messages on the screen again as it tests. This is quite normal.

The inverter should be showing the ON light and numbers on the screen. This is what it should always look like when it is on.

If it shows a flashing/red light or an Error Code, there is something wrong and you should contact the team at Arkana Energy.