Adding additional panels to your solar system

Adding additional panels to your solar system

You’ve made the progressive decision to go solar, and it’s already making a difference in your home. But have you ever considered the possibility of making that difference even more significant? Let’s delve into why and how homeowners like yourself might consider adding extra panels to their existing solar installation.

Recognising the Need for Additional Panels

Changes in our lifestyle or living situation can sometimes lead to increased energy demands. Here are some scenarios where you might feel the need to enhance your solar capability:

  • Increased Energy Consumption: Maybe you’ve acquired new, power-hungry appliances, or perhaps there’s a new member in the family. Changes like these can push up your energy usage.
  • Unsatisfactory Energy Bills: If your electricity bills haven’t dropped as much as you hoped post-installation, expanding your solar array might be the way forward.
  • Expanding Roof Space: An extension or renovation can provide additional roof space you hadn’t accounted for in your initial installation.

Technical Considerations Before Adding Panels

Expanding your solar array might seem straightforward, but diving deeper into the technicalities can ensure a smooth and efficient upgrade. Here are some intricate aspects that warrant careful consideration:

  • Inverter Capacity: Not all inverters are created equal. While some can accommodate additional panels, others might be at their limit with your current setup. It’s vital to ascertain whether your existing inverter can manage more panels or if an upgrade is necessary.
  • Panel Performance: Mixing panels with different efficiencies, voltage outputs, or current characteristics can potentially hinder the overall performance of your solar system. While some panels can work seamlessly together, it’s often recommended to stick with the same brand or, at the very least, ensure the new panels have similar specifications to the existing ones.
  • Aesthetic Uniformity: Beyond performance, homeowners often want their panels to have a consistent look on their roofs. Sticking to the same brand or type can ensure a uniform appearance.
  • Roof Orientation and Shading: When contemplating the addition of more panels, it’s crucial to evaluate the available roof space. The previous installers might have intentionally left certain sections of your roof untouched due to potential shading issues. Factors like trees, chimneys, or particular architectural features can cast shadows, reducing a panel’s potential output. Therefore, it’s essential to analyse the sun’s trajectory across your roof to identify ideal, unobstructed areas for new installations.

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Installing New Panels

Adding new solar panels to an existing system requires meticulous planning and precision.

The installation process begins with a thorough assessment of your current setup, ensuring that any new additions seamlessly integrate with the pre-existing array.

A team of experienced technicians will then safely mount the panels, ensuring optimal orientation and tilt for maximum sunlight absorption. Electrical connections are then established, seamlessly integrating the new panels with your current system.

It’s also crucial to synchronise the new panels with your inverter, ensuring that the added capacity is correctly managed and converted for home use.

Starting The Process

When considering the addition of more panels to your existing solar setup, begin with a consultation from a solar expert at Arkana Energy. They will undertake a thorough assessment of your current system, available roof space, and your specific energy objectives.

They will then recommend and provide a quote for a wide range of premium brands such as Sungrow.

Finally, the actual installation process, undertaken by Arkana’s experience team, ensures that integrating the new panels with your current system is both seamless and efficient.

See if adding additional solar panels to your system makes sense

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