Making The Most Of Your Battery

  • The landscape of energy pricing is constantly evolving, offering homeowners more options than ever before. Traditionally, energy providers presented fixed rates (peak, off-peak, and shoulder), and fixed feed-in tariffs. This allowed homeowners to adjust their energy consumption and time the use of their appliances for maximum efficiency. However, a new breed of energy retailer, epitomised […]

  • Virtual Power Plants, often referred to as VPPs, are transforming the way Australia manages its energy. In essence, a VPP binds together individual solar and battery installations, enabling them to operate as one cohesive energy powerhouse. Imagine a VPP as a sophisticated computer system, combining independent energy installations into a unified and potent energy hub […]

  • Battery storage plays a pivotal role in enhancing the benefits of a solar system for homeowners. By seamlessly combining solar panels with batteries, homeowners can store excess solar energy, ensuring uninterrupted power during both day and night, thus optimising their green energy investments. How batteries work A battery operates by storing energy in a chemical […]