iSolarCloud   – Negative Numbers

iSolarCloud Negative Numbers fault code for new Sungrow installs  with customers who have an existing solar system connected to their iSolarCloud App

If you are seeing this error message in your iSolarCloud app about negative numbers do not be alarmed. Underneath the little house icon you will notice a negative sign, this is normal if you have an existing solar system as well as the new system we have installed for you.

As the two solar systems are different brands they cannot communicate with each other through this monitoring app so as a result your house icon which represents your house usage gets flipped into a negative value.

It is best to think of this as a positive value and ignore the negative sign. In the example above the house would actually be consuming 2.051kw’s of power. You will notice at night time the value will flip back to positive as there is no solar being produced by the existing system.

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